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Shiki Horror Mystery Manga Gets Anime Green-Lit

Manga from author of Twelve Kingdoms, Ghost Hunt & artist of Hoshin Engi

<!––>The official website for the anime adaptation of Fuyumi Ono and Ryu Fujisaki‘s Shiki horror mystery manga has opened — thus revealing that the anime has been green-lit. The story revolves around an isolated mountain village, steeped in ancient traditions, whose population of 1,300 starts dying in droves due to mysterious causes. Eventually, it becomes clear that vampires are attacking the town.

Ono had previously written the original novels for The Twelve Kingdoms and Ghost Hunt, while Fujisaki is best known for drawing the Hoshin Engi/Soul Hunter manga. Ono began writing the original Shiki novels in 1998, and Fujisaki began adapting the story in Shueisha‘s Jump Square manga magazine in December of 2008. The Shiki website links to the anime production company Aniplex.

Update: More background information added.

Image © Fuyumi Ono/Ryu Fujisaki/Shueisha, Shiki Production Committee

Update: The meta description tag in the website’s HTML code indicates that the anime is for television. [Via Moon Phase Comments]

Update: Fixed Soul Hunter manga reference. Thanks, Cave.

source: ANN

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